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Jean Schulz is the widow of cartoonist Charles Schulz, and president of the board of directors for the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa. The home the couple once lived in together was destroyed by the fire.

The early residents of the Foothills were mostly from the Santa Rosa area. We loved the area and we were additionally attracted to‎ the quiet beauty of the landscape, not so far from town. It is difficult to see the bare patches filled with black sticks that used to be green and full. I am curious about nature, and I want to see how the land recovers. Of course, there are green fields everywhere, but I know that a huge rainstorm could make a mess of them in a flash. There are also green shoots climbing up the Redwood trees. I am curious to see how they reclaim the burned trunks. 

“I will look hopefully for every green leaf, every sign of life.”

The Oaks, both the deciduous and live oak varieties, are the signature trees of our area. They are what characterize our unique landscape. I want to see them come back. I know that may not happen, but I will look hopefully for every green leaf, every sign of life.

I'd like to see art come from the bits and pieces of fire ravaged homes‎ — something to remember and admire, as we walk the long road to some sort of “recovery.”